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This is what people have said about the things I do.


A review of The Local Music Scene presents: Luke LeBlanc. 2022.

A review of The Local Music Scene in the MN Fringe Festival. 2022.

I talked to the Current about combining my love of music and comedy into The Local Music Scene, which uses songs performed by local musicians as inspiration for improvised scenes. 2015

I talked to the Current about The Local Music Scene again in 2018.


I was interviewed by Andrew Dahl of Manifest Brutality shortly before The Tire Fire's debut album, Sexless and Alone. We talked about where my interest in music comes from, the history of forming The Tire Fires, and the epic journey of recording the album, as well as The Local Music Scene. 2020


A few reviews (and previews) of my 2018 MN Fringe Festival musical, Self-Titled Debut Album.

 A  few reviews of my 2015 MN Fringe Festival musical, Demo Tape.

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